The biggest difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery would be the goals. While cosmetic surgery is strictly aesthetic, plastic surgery can have health benefits. The truth is that a lot of plastic surgeons focus strictly on cosmetic surgery and that is why people think it is the same thing but, it is not. These two surgical techniques are closely related but they are hardly the same specialty. Both have one common goal though, to improve the body of a patient, usually for various reasons. The reason mostly depends on what a patient actually wants and needs.  We are going to point out some differences in order for our future patients to make the right decision.

Cosmetic VS. Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is entirely focused on modifying the body in order to create a better aesthetic effect. This means that all techniques, procedures, and principles are solely dedicated to enhancing the appearance of our patients. Improving the proportions, symmetry or aesthetic appeal are the three most common cosmetic surgical techniques. These procedures can be performed on various areas of the body like a neck or the head. Here is the cosmetic surgery scope: breast enhancement, facial contouring and rejuvenation, body contouring and skin rejuvenation.

On the other hand, plastic surgery is more focused on reconstructing and repairing defects in order to restore a normal appearance and function. These are the surgeries that are mostly performed in order to make an improvement where there were naturally caused disorders due to birth for example. If a certain patient had a difficult disease or was burnt in an accident, plastic surgery can help to salvage and repair the damage done to a certain body area. The nature of plastic surgery is being a reconstructive response to a potential disorder or a trauma.